Speeding up the translation from bench to bedside


Improve the translational approach in research to increase the number of new treatments and prevention strategies that will become available in health care for OA patients.

Task 2.1: Technical and economic hurdles associated with the establishment and implementation of translational research models (crossing the Valley of Death).

Task 2.2: Guidelines for data collection, sampling, phenotyping, endotyping and clinical trial designs for companies bringing products targeting OA to the market to avoid common repeated failures in phase 2 and 3 clinical trials.

Task 2.3: Identification of the major challenges associated with translation from preclinical models to humans without intermediate translational models.

Task 2.4: European Consensus on Chronic Disease Self-Management Program CDSMP program for OA prevention.


Month 24
Guidelines for clinical trial set-up for companies 
Month 24
European CDSMP for OA prevention
Month 36
Report on challenges translation preclinical models to humans
Month 48
European CDSMP for OA prevention