Patient feedback on the Istanbul Workshop

Hasan ISILDAK 01/12/2023 – 03/12/2023

I participated in this workshop on the dates mentioned above as a patient of osteoarthritis. Since 1983, I have been involved in the importation of orthopaedic surgical implants and marketing them to hospitals across Turkey.

For the last three years, I have been experiencing osteoarthritis in my right hip. The orthopedic surgeons I consulted strongly recommended total hip replacement with arthroplasty. When I spoke with Prof. Dr. Feza Korkusuz, he mentioned that technological advancements are progressing rapidly and new applications for cartilage treatments in joint diseases are emerging. He suggested that I attend the articular cartilage engineering education school.

During this education, Prof. Christoph Ladel provided detailed information about osteoarthritis treatments in Europe. Prof. Seda Vatansever explained the role of tissue engineering in osteoarthritis treatment. Prof. Onur Uysal
elaborated extensively on stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis. Prof. Semra Sardas discussed the safety effects of drugs used in osteoarthritis treatment.

What impressed me the most and gave me hope for the future was the presentation by Prof. Meltem Avcı; mRNA-based approaches and tissue
regeneration potential in osteoarthritis treatment.
In addition to these, I closely followed the presentations of other scientists. I, once again, realized that postponing the implementation for myself was the right decision. I am confident that tissue engineering will be a prominent method in
osteoarthritis treatment in the future.

Best regards,
Hasan Işıldak

More information and lecture slides are available on the training school webpage:

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